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Clear Signs Your Home Is Infested By Fleas And What To Do

One way to improve your quality of life is to get a pet. These haired friends are great companions and, in some cases, their presence can be therapeutic. However, as you walk around with your pet, you may expose them to various kinds of pests like fleas.

Fleas are a nuisance because they feed on humans’ and animals’ blood, and if you don’t deal with the issue, they will multiply fast, making your stay uncomfortable. Knowing flea infestation signs allows you to deal with the problem early enough. Here are some signs of a flea infestation you shouldn’t ignore.

Your Pet Is Unsettled

Although pets like to move around a lot and may occasionally scratch their skin, things will become intense after a flea infestation. Fleas like to hide in the fur and will continue to crawl and suck blood, causing the pet to lick and bite. Their rate of motion will also increase significantly due to the irritation the fleas are causing, and you will notice they are in distress.

Look out for fleas each time you see your pet scratching repeatedly for longer periods. Maybe they are multiplying and hiding on your pet’s thick hair, sleeping area, or the carpets and need removal before things get out of hand.

You Can See Fleas Jumping Around 

Fleas like to hop around to move from one host to another. To confirm if your home is flea-infested, check the carpet, drapers, and furniture to see if you’ll spot them jumping. If you don’t have a pet and notice this sign, don’t ignore it. Maybe the parasite jumped on you when you were walking around the park or taking your evening stroll around the neighborhood.

Your Loved Ones Have Bites

When fleas infest your home, everyone will suffer. You will know they have spread around the house when you notice bites on your skin once you wake up. If the fleas are hiding in your carpet fibers, the bites will appear on the lower part of the legs.

Flea bites are usually different from other insect bites. Once a flea bites, a tiny discolored band will form around the bitten area, but it won’t swell excessively. The fleas have a distinctive bite pattern — their bites appear in a cluster or straight line. Also, they like to target the legs, particularly the ankles, feet, and calves.

Remember that fleas choose some humans over others so it’s possible for your spouse or children to have the bites and you don’t. If anyone in your family has flea bites, you likely have a flea infestation problem in your home.

Your Pet’s Hair Keeps Falling Excessively

It’s normal for your cat or dog to shed hair, but things can worsen when you have a flea problem. Remember, fleas bite their hosts in a cluster, accelerating the skin reaction and causing fur loss. If you notice more pet fur when cleaning the house, check if you have a flea infestation problem.

What to Do

Once you notice signs of a flea infestation, call a reputable pest control company in your area to determine the best way to exterminate these pests for good. If you opt to buy pesticides on your own, you will only focus on the visible areas, making it difficult to exterminate them completely. Professionals know all the obvious and unseen areas where fleas like to hide and will use reliable methods to deal with the problem and prevent a recurrence.

At The Mosquito Masters, we take pride in the successful fumigation services we have provided over the years and can efficiently handle your flea infestation problem. We are always happy to help families and pets. Call us today for more details.