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4 Ways Pests Can Impact Backyard Movie Viewing

New releases in technology and the affordability of backyard equipment has made backyard movie night a regular thing for families and friends. If you decide to host a movie night outdoors, then one of the main concerns to worry about is the way pests can impact your viewing. You do not want to worry about insects invading the space and taking away from the experience.

Proper backyard treatment will help keep pests away. Learn some of the more common ways pests can impact your movie nights and why a full yard treatment will help keep them away.

1. Moths & Projectors

One of the more common ways to play a movie outdoors is with a projector and screen. When you use a projector, the heat and light from the machine will naturally attract flying insects like moths. If moths fly across the front lens of the projector, then you will have to deal with fluttering shadows throughout the duration of the movie.

Moths are not just a single bug problem either. When one moth finds the heated lights, many more will follow. A full treatment of the yard will help keep the projector path clear and ensure the moths do not block off the views.

2. Mosquitoes & Snacks

When you watch a movie, the last thing you want to worry about are bites from insects like mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the snacks we typically love during a movie will often attract mosquitoes more. When you eat salty snacks like popcorn or potato chips, your body will naturally increase the amount of lactic acid it produces.

Mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid and may bite more frequently as you snack during a movie. Certain blood types may attract mosquitoes as well, increasing the chances of disturbances during a backyard movie. A full yard treatment is the best way to create a barrier on your property.

Smaller items like repellent candles can only work so well and do not cover a whole area. With full yard treatment, you do not need to worry about what snacks you eat and can enjoy every treat you bring to the outdoor experience.

3. Ticks & Blankets

A picnic blanket is a common way to lay out and enjoy a backyard movie. Unfortunately, the low position to the ground can also attract ticks that travel across grassy areas. Ticks have the ability to use their thin legs and crawl on bodies without the person noticing. After you enjoy an outdoor movie, you may realize you had a guest attached to you the whole time.

When your lawn is treated for insects, the treatment also applies to ticks. This is especially helpful if you have pets like dogs who come and lay out while you watch a movie. Dogs are often vulnerable to ticks and you do not want to worry about tick bites impacting your pet when you spend extra time outdoors.

4. Biting Midges & Darkness

Another biting insect to worry about is the biting midge. The small insects come out at dusk and their biting can last long into the darkness. Not only do the insects like to feed at night, but they are often attracted to humans who wear dark clothing. Instead of wearing all white to your outdoor movie night, treat your lawn to prevent the spread of biting midges.

While the full-grown insect flies, the early stages are often within the soil, and proper treatment can prevent the spread and growth of the insect. The bites can become itchy and may swell up much like a mosquito bite would.

For more information on full lawn treatment, contact us at The Mosquito Masters. With our treatment options, you can fully enjoy your backyard and host multiple movie nights for family and friends to enjoy.