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What Are Common Mosquito Attractors?

Mosquitoes are common pests that can spread malaria to human beings. At least 176 mosquito species are in the United States. Many people only associate mosquitoes with malaria.

The fact is that the pests spread many other diseases. Some diseases can be life-threatening if not addressed early. Examples are yellow fever, rift valley fever, dengue, Chikungunya, and West Nile virus.

Mosquito bites have many other effects. One of the complications is itching reddish bumps on the skin. The pests also cause soreness, swelling, and dark spots that resemble blisters.

Many things make mosquitoes attracted to some people. Know the factors that make some people subject to mosquito bites.

Body Secretions 

Mosquitoes love most of the liquids the human body secretes. Sweat, which has an ammonia smell, acts as an attractive scent to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have special co-receptor genes that help them smell any odor the human body produces. The best way to deal with sweat is to take a bath regularly, especially after doing workouts.

The human skin produces lactic acids after consuming cheese, alcohol, bread, or legumes. Lactic acid is among the volatile acids that mosquitoes easily sniff. Always wash your body with natural soap to avoid scents that might attract mosquitoes.


Women who are pregnant exhale more carbon dioxide compared to those who are not pregnant. Pregnancy also makes the body produce more moisture. The exhaled air and moisture are common attractors of mosquitoes.

The skin surfaces of women who are pregnant also release some volatile compounds. As a result, the compounds cause body odor, attracting mosquitoes.

Pregnancy makes many people crave various foods. Food cravings make women who are pregnant eat more, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. High metabolism raises the body’s temperatures, causing sweating and mosquito attraction.

Evenings in the Outdoors

Mosquitoes are active in the evenings and during the night. Being outdoors in the evenings can expose you to mosquito bites.

Why do some mosquito species come out at night? Sunlight and high temperatures during the day dehydrate and kill the mosquitoes. So, such pests prefer breeding without any sunlight exposure.

The best remedy is not to stop working out outdoors. Instead, ensure that you have the right repellents to protect you from mosquito bites.

Scented Bathing Soaps and Lotions

Most scents attract mosquitoes. Avoid perfumes, soaps, or lotions that produce strong fragrances.

Natural bathing soaps are the best options to use. Besides protecting you from mosquitoes, they can also help you avoid possible allergies. Strong fragrances can also increase the risks of breathing complications.

Moisturized lotions are also common attractors of mosquitoes. A professional mosquito control expert can advise you about the best mosquito-repelling lotions and soaps.

Type of Clothing

Short clothes will expose most of your body surface to mosquito bites. Some apparel stores sell clothes already treated with permethrin.  Permethrin is the best chemical insecticide to treat fabric clothing. Buying treated clothes is a great way to protect yourself against mosquito bites.

Wearing tight clothes will also expose you to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes bite through such clothes, easily reaching the skin. Consider loose clothing if you live in a mosquito-prone place.

Dark clothes are also mosquito attractors. Mosquitoes love dark colors, which also help them to hide. Put on clothes with neutral colors to avoid mosquito bites.

Understanding the factors that attract mosquitoes is the first step to protecting yourself. But the elimination of mosquitoes and their breeding sites requires special skills and expertise. At Mosquito Masters, we help people facing mosquito, flea, and tick problems in their residential and commercial places. Contact us today if you want to keep your yard safe from mosquitoes.