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Mike Greene

About Us

Our EPA registered barrier spray is a safe and effective treatment that kills mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other annoying pests, but is perfectly safe for pets and people.

Hello, my name is Michael Greene.  My brother-in-law Cole Hewitt and I have built The Mosquito Masters to provide the greater Atlanta area with safe, affordable, and effective protection from mosquitoes. Our family has been in the mosquito control business for over six years and has given us the proper background to provide the best service possible without losing a personal touch.

We started The Mosquito Masters because our family and friends spend most of their free time outdoors, socializing, and entertaining. If we aren’t enjoying a beautiful day outside at the lake house, we are grilling on the patio in the city. As we all have experienced when the mosquitoes are bad, it’s virtually impossible to enjoy your own back yard. Between putting bug spray on the children and hoping to relax – only to be driven back inside by a swarm of biting pests – Cole and I decided to apply our knowledge to something everyone could use and afford.

We knew that we couldn’t be the only people who were losing otherwise perfect afternoons and evenings to annoying pests. We are dedicated to giving the utmost defense against persistent and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. We have a strong focus on quality, customer service and affordability.

Our Product

Our product is EPA registered and for our traditional barrier spray we use Pyrethroids, which is a synthetic version of Pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are derived from the African Daisy (Chrysanthemums). The spray is safe for kids and pets. These ingredients do not pose any risk to humans or the environment.

An extra bonus when we spray your property, we can also rid your yard of existing ticks and fleas…so we can provide comfort not only to you and your family but also to your furry friends as well!