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African Daisy Plants & Mosquito Treatments

When you hire a company for mosquito treatment on your property, a little extra research into the repellent can help you feel comfortable about practices and exposure to specific ingredients. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals to remove mosquitos and eggs from your property, a pest control company may rely on a plant-based treatment option.

While multiple plants naturally deter mosquitos, one of the more common options is the African daisy. Learn more about the plant, how to use it for mosquito removal, and why it is a safe option for your property.

What Is the African Daisy Plant?

Scientifically known as the Osteospermum flower, the African daisy comes from Africa and thrives in warm weather climates. The flower typically blooms in the summer months and often requires full sun to grow properly. When in bloom, the African daisy often has a bright pink or yellow color, but some are fully white, so the colors may vary.

African daisies are annuals, with flowers blooming annually and coming back again, making them an ideal plant to fill a garden bed. While a nice addition to the garden, the plant itself is not enough to deter mosquitoes for the majority of the year.

What Part of the Plant Deters Mosquitoes?

Through studies and research, scientists discovered that one of the key parts of the African daisy that deters mosquitoes and can actually kill the insect is the seed. The Osteospermum seed contains an oil known as Pyrethrum oil. The oil is found in the seed of the flower and is known for its unique ability to shut down the nervous system of insects.

Further research shows that the oil can inhibit female mosquitoes from biting when the oil is supplied. The oils are found in other flowers related to the African daisy, but the daisy is one of the more common seeds the oils are used from.

What Is Synthetic African Daisy Spray?

Constantly harvesting African daisy seeds and extracting the oils from the plant would take a lot of work and really expand on the costs of the repellent, which is why many pest control companies rely on a synthetic African daisy spray. The synthetic spray uses a scientific formula that recreates the same oils without the need to harvest seeds.

This allows pest control workers to use the spray in large batches and cover large areas of the property. The process is similar to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil used in cars is a scientific formula that helps cars run the same way. The properties of the synthetic spray perform the same actions on mosquitoes and can help remove the insect from your property.

Is The African Daisy Repellent Safe For Your Property?

When any type of repellent is manufactured, the Environmental Protection Agency does an analysis on the product and gives details about its use. There are many varieties of synthetic African daisy repellent, but as an overall product, the EPA has determined they are safe for human exposure.

As long as pest control workers apply the spray according to directions, you should not experience any adverse health risks. The chemicals are also safe for both wildlife and home pets that may explore your property. The EPA checks the sprays every 15 years to ensure their quality remains the same.

Achieve maximum mosquito protection on your property with our synthetic African daisy treatment at The Mosquito Masters. We can perform a full evaluation of your property and ensure that the most vulnerable areas are taken care of and that you are able to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitos.