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8 Reasons Why Homemade DIY Pest Control Methods Are Not Your Best Option

Natural homemade DIY pest control methods have gained popularity in recent years due to environmental concerns over chemical-based pesticides. Homemade DIY solutions are affordable and seemingly easy to carry out with guides on how to make them readily available on the internet. These reasons make them a quick, easy, and popular option when pest infestations occur.

However, these homemade DIY pest control methods have limitations that make them less effective in certain situations. Explore eight reasons why they are not the best form of pest extermination, control, and prevention.

1. They Have Limited Effectiveness

Homemade pest control remedies lack scientific data that show their efficacy. They are not tried and tested over time to prove their effectiveness. They lack manual guides that define concentration levels and methods of application. Consistent results are undocumented or guaranteed when you use them. This ineffectiveness can lead to the further spread of the pest and contamination of waterways and plants.

2. They Have a Limited Scope

The scope of pests that homemade and DIY solutions eliminate is unclear. You might end up destroying organisms that are of benefit to plants. Some DIY solutions are only effective in elimination of one type of pest. This ineffectiveness necessitates formulating a different solution for each pest, which can be exhausting.

3. They Have Limited Coverage

Unlike professional pest control methods, homemade methods may not reach all the areas on the property where pests hide. Areas such as in between walls and under flooring are hard for them to reach. Thus, pests continue to thrive in these hideouts, frustrating the elimination process.

4. They Act Slowly

Homemade and DIY methods often take longer to work than professional chemical methods. Sometimes, you might need to spray homemade solutions several times to achieve better results. This delay in action allows pests to reproduce and spread in the meantime.

5. They Pose Unknown Health and Safety Risks

Homemade pesticides are not tested for health and safety standards. Their impact and risk exposure to children and pets are unknown. First aid instructions in the event of unintended consumption are unavailable. The storage for these pesticides is mostly in unlabeled containers.

6. They Require a Lot of Work

Natural DIY pesticides often involve the mixing of different types of household ingredients. This process can be tedious. Some pest control methods, for example, include maintaining a garden of pest-repellant plants that require pruning, which can be draining.

7. They May Be Illegal

The US Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act regulates homemade pesticides. Register homemade pesticides with the Environmental Protection Agency to legally use them as a pesticide. Abide by the set laws and regulations for your safety.

8. They Are Prone to Pest Resistance

Pests develop resistance to some types of pesticides over time. Pests’ adaptation to changes in their environs is the major cause of this development. Homemade pesticides are not evaluated by any scientific organization to countercheck their performance in pest eradication. Updates that factor in pest resistance are not available in this pest control method.

Commercial pesticides that have been tested and meet the set health standards and safety requirements are the best to use when your home has pests. Involve a professional pest control firm when the pest infestation is significant.

Exposure to some types of effective pesticides can be dangerous when you are not in the appropriate protective gear. Some pests require multiple spraying sessions to eradicate the pest. Liaise with the professional to formulate a plan that meets your needs and budget.

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